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Who We Are


Karma Technologies International Limited

is the creator of KarmaVouchers Cashback, the only prepaid app that gives you real-time cashback of up to 19.5% every time you spend from over 22,000 retail outlets. It also allows users to send vouchers to their friends and family, or donate their cashback to any charity of their choice.

Karma is also the maker of borofree, a salary advance solution that offers zero interest and zero cost to employees and employers.


Our Mission

From the outset, our mission is to build technology-driven 

solutions that are purposeful, relevant and future-ready. 

We create solutions that help the society and also the most 

vulnerable, gain financial confidence and a sense of possibility. We will continue to evolve our technology,  but our commitment will remain the same.


We Made It Possible

At the heart of everything we do, is to create a world where everyone experiences financial happiness.

Through borofree and KarmaVouchers Cashback, we have become the people's helping hand by providing purposeful, relevant and
future-ready solutions. We have been paving the way to achieving financial confidence and mastery for everyone - not just enjoyed by
the 1%.

We believe in building a society that provides solutions that uplift and do not penalise you when your finances need sorting out. Thus, we've
delivered a zero interest and zero cost salary advance through borofree and we've also delivered the first prepaid app that gives you
cashback of up to 19.5%.

We all deserve to live in a world where financial well-being is accessible to everyone. And with every step taken as an organisation,
we made it possible.

This is only the beginning.


All you need to know about Karma Cashback

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